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Hi Nobles!

We are halfway through 2017 already. Summer is here and the parade season has begun with 2 parades completed - the Memorial Day parade in Ft. Wayne and the Kosciusko County Shrine parade in Warsaw. Both of them were excellent parades with many Shriners participating! Thank YOU Nobles for your participation!

We still have 4 Shrine parades yet this year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us for those parades just like it did for the first 2. The Divan would really appreciate a large participation by Nobles for all the remaining Parades and events this year. Below is a partial listing of events for the remainder of the year;

1 - Lawton Park Car Show -- Mizpah Car Club     7/15/2017 8am - 2pm

2 - Orland Parade 7/29/2017 -- Line up 10am / Parade 11am

3 - Wabash Parade 8/5/2017 -- Line up 4pm / Parade 5pm

4 - Kosciusko County Shrine Club Golf Outing 8/9/2017

5 - North Manchester Parade 8/12/2017 Line up 4pm / Parade 5pm

6 - Mizpah Shrine Stag @ Horse Grounds 8/24/2017 6pm

7 - Mizpah Fly-In Breakfast 8/27/2017 6:30am-1pm

8 - Sportsmen's Raffle Setup 9/8/2017 All Day

9 - Sportsman's Raffl e 9/9/2017 12pm - 5pm

10 - Veterans Day Parade 11/11/2017 Line up 10am / Parade 11am

12 - Fall Shrine Ceremonial 11/18/2017 TBA

At the last Stated Meeting I threw out a challenge to all of the Nobility. The challenge was, for each Noble to bring a candidate to the next Ceremonial. We are hoping to fill up the Imperial Room with candidates and Shriners and have a wonderful experience that will be remembered by all for many years in the future. Membership is NOT just the responsibility of the Membership Committee, membership is the duty and responsibility of all Shriners. One can always ask a Mason to become a Shriner. Another way to get a new Shriner is to have a man become a Mason then a Shriner. Either way, we grow stronger with each new member.

There is another avenue to making a Mason a Shriner that is not used very ofen. Since there are Masons in our communities that cannot attend a Saturday at the Shrine Center for a Ceremonial, the Divan can hold a "Cold Sands" in your hometown or any other place and date of your choosing to make new Shriners. Please let the Divan know if you are interested in having a "Cold Sands" and we can get it scheduled. We would like a minimum of 2 new candidates for a "Cold Sands".

Yours in the Faith,

Hal Harting