Mizpah Shrine Units & Clubs

Shrine Units

Mizpah Shrine Band
Eli Arnold, President
The band has been performing for many years.  It is one of the oldest units within the Shrine Center.  The band performs during the parades and hosts concerts throughout the year.  If you would like to contact them for a performance, call the Shrine Center and ask them to leave a message for Roland Stellhorn, the director.

Mizpah Shrine Chanters
Duane Targgart, PP, President
The Chanters are one of the most visible groups within the Shrine.  This choral group puts on over 30 performances each year.  They love to get out and perform.  If you would like them for a performance, contact the Shrine Center and ask them to leave a message for the director, Duane Targgart.  

Class Directors
Robert S. Jackson IV, President
The Class Directors are the group responsible for the new candidates as they join the Shrine. They help organize the members and prepare them for the Shrine Ceremonial.  This group also has a presence in our summer parades as they are the Steel Drum Band.  

Directors' Staff
Jan A. VanZant, President
The Directors' Staff is the unit responsible for the ceremonial degree. They handle the stage, lighting, sound, and all of the other aspects of the ceremonial. They are an integral part of the degree work that the Shrine puts on for the candidates. The Directors Staff also has a presence in the parades as they are the gentlemen with the dressed up golf carts.  

Mizpah Horse Patrol
Brett A. Anderson, President
John VanVoorst, Captain
The Horse Patrol is one of the finest Shrine horse patrols in all of America. This unit has captured numerous GLSA titles and has performed in the Rose Bowl, and numerous other national parades. They have also been the sponsoring group for the Mizpah Shrine Horse Show. They perform a drill routine for competition and also put on a beautiful flag routine. When you see the palominos coming in the parades, you are watching one of Shrinedom's best.

Service Units

Antique Power Club
Garry Rubrake, President
The Antique Power Unit is one of our most active units. You can't miss them in the parades as they drive down the street on their antique tractors. The club also includes members interested in old engines, particularly the hit and miss engines. This unit hits many local parades as well as the Shrine parades. They host an annual Antique Power Show in Columbia City each year in June. During the show they have a tractor drive, an auction, and an antique tractor pull.  

Brad H. Jenkins, President
The bagpipers are another of Mizpah's active units. They are called upon throughout the year to perform at all types of events. They also march in local and Shrine parades. Feel free to contact the Shrine if you would like to have them perform at your event.

Lance Lattimer, President
The clowns need little explanation as to their function. This group keeps busy throughout the year performing for many groups and organizations.  Their biggest joy comes from entertaining the children during the circus. You will see them all over the Coliseum entertaining young and old alike. They do enjoy putting on the grease paint and doing their thing.

Flying Shriners
Greg Colelli, President
The Flying Shriners have been an active part of Mizpah for several years. They were the original hosts of the Annual Fly-In Breakfast. This has since become a Mizpah function. If you are a pilot or have an interest in flight, they will be glad to include you in their membership.  

Phil Wade – President
The "Grillmaster’s" are a group who loves to grill/smoke and enjoy the comradery while enjoying all the wonderful smells of life! We are a very fun and relaxed group. We share our recipes and cooking experiences with each other, while learning the art of grilling. Our love for cooking is an enjoyment worth experiencing! We are continuing to expand our expertise in grilling for different events and venues. We also include our families in our cooking experiences, taking the average back yard cooking experience to a new and exciting level. We meet every third Wednesday at 7:00 PM, sometimes at the Temple and sometimes we take field trips to locale establishments to experience and learn about different cuisine.

Hillbilly Clan #95
Nate Moyer, Rabban of the Clan
The Johnny Appleseed Hillbilly clan is one of the newest units in Mizpah. Affiliated with the national Hillbillies, this unit is dedicated to having fun and making funds for the hospitals. They have a national convention every year in different parts of the country. This unit hosts an annual Chili Supper at the Horse Grounds in Columbia City every year. They also have available the Poor George Calendars.  

Hospital Unit
William Leedy, PP, President
The Hospital Unit is the group most responsible for transporting children to and from the hospital. Most of the van drivers are a part of this unit. Their focus is the transportation of the children.  

Khyber Gun Club
Jack Dever, President
The Khyber Gun Club is a unit comprised of shooting enthusiasts. They meet and practice shooting throughout the year. They do have a trap shoot set up at the Columbia City Horse Grounds and help entertain the Nobles during the fall supper held at the Horse Grounds.  

Legion of Honor
Turner C. England, Commander
The Legion of Honor consists of those Nobles who have served the United States in its Armed Services. Membership is predicated on being an active member or holding an Honorable Discharge. They are active members of local and Shrine parades.  

Media Unit
James Jackson, Secretary
The media unit is responsible for all official temple audio, video, digital information and photography. They maintain the temple website, photography site and audio/visual equipment and Information Systems at Mizpah.  

Mizpah Shiners - CoHo
Jeffrey Standord, President
The Mizpah Shiners is the local unit that handles all of the arrangements for the GLSA Salmon Derby held in Michigan City every year. They organize the boats, captains, handle housing, banquets, prizes, weighing in fish, and all other aspects of the Salmon Derby. The Derby has made over $280,000 worth of donations to Shriners' Hospitals for Children.  

Mizpah Car Club
Dan L. Smith, President
The Antique Cars have been a staple of Shrine and local parades for years. If you have a classic that is over 20 years old and want to join them they will be happy to include you in the group. This unit hosts an annual car show in the early fall each year with lots of prizes.  

Mizpah Vettes
Robert Brinson, Secretary/Treasurer
The Mizpah Vettes Club is one of the latest to join the ranks of the Mizpah Shrine Units and Clubs. Founded in 2013, the Vette Club is open to all Nobles that own and operate a Corvette or share an interest in Corvette Automobiles. The Vette members participate in all Shrine Sanctioned parades as well as numerous other area parades. The membership also conducts two to three Dinner Caravans to area restaurants with our ladies for an evening of good fellowship and food each year. The Vettes meet once a month on the third Monday at the Shrine Center. Any year or model Corvette is welcome to join our club. We currently have Vettes ranging in age from 1971 to 2014.

Past Masters
Roger Beck, Secretary
Soon to come...  

Racing Shriners
Steve Steven R. McNally Jr., President
The Racing Shriners (Little 500) love to parade. This group can be found in the parade lineups by listening for the squalling tires. They love the tight turns. Most of them replace tires every two years because the others have no tread left.  

Radio Unit
Mark Reese, President
The Mizpah Radio Unit is a group promoting the use of wireless communications for the benefit of Mizpah. Our mission is to offer communication capabilities to Mizpah Units/Clubs and Shrine philanthropies. Unit is here to serve area communities, by providing public service communications, (emergency or domestic) when asked by government or private authorities (i.e. Home-Land-Security/EMA, Law Enforcement, etc).  

Daniel C. Hovanec, President
The YOSHI is one of the groups within Mizpah. The Young Shriners consist of members young and young-at-heart. This active group is responsible for our Children's activities including the Easter Party, the Kids' Fishing Derby, the Halloween Party, and the Childrens' Christmas Party. They also hosts a Monte Carlo night or Martini Tasting in the spring of every year. They are one of the most active units within the Shrine.

Club Units

Adams County Calliopers
John M. Grimm, President
Adams County is the home of the Calliope. The Calliope makes several Shrine and local parades throughout the year.  

Blackford County Express
Gary Rogers, President
The Blackford County Shrine Club helps provide transportation to and from the Shriners' Hospitals. They share one of the Mizpah Shrine vans with Mizmur (Grant County) Shrine Club. Many of the members of the club are also part of the Blackford Express. The Express ride Honda Mopeds in the Shrine and local parades.  

Eel River Shrine Club
Jeff A. Hire, President
Eel River Shrine Club is based in the North Manchester area.  This group makes a substantial donation every year to help the Shrine and the Hospitals.  

Elkhart Shrine Club
Neil J. Pittenger, Secretary
The Elkhart Shrine Club is one of the most active clubs within Mizpah. They host several social and fundraising activities throughout the year. They also have a Motor Bike Unit that parades in the Elkhart area. One of their bigger fund raisers is the annual Turkey Shoot. It is held in the late fall over two weekends.  

Hapzim Shrine Club
Geoffrey Guy, President
Hapzim Shrine Club is based in Huntington County. The members of this club are very active within Mizpah and the many units and clubs at the Shrine Center. Many of them are a part of the Racing Shriners. The Racing Shriners have Indy car style go carts that are a crowd favorite wherever they go.

Jay County Shrine Club
Robert Freemyer, President
Jay County Shrine Club is one of the oldest county Shrine Clubs in Mizpah. They are also home to the Wayfarers. The Wayfarers participate in local and Shrine parades.  

Jay County Wayfarers
Robert Freemyer, President
Soon to come...

Kosciusko Shrine Club
Jeff D. Kinsey, President
The Kosciusko Club is the largest of the county clubs. They help park cars at the county fair, host an annual golf outing, and bring almost 1500 children to the Mizpah Circus each year. This club also helps host an annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children.  

Kosciusko Topless Car Club
Jerry Aylor, President
Soon to come...  

Lagrange Shrine Club
Andrew P. Marshall, President
The Lagrange club covers one of the northern territories of Mizpah. They keep busy with trips to and from the hospitals. One of our six Mizpah vans is housed within their boundaries and it makes several trips each month. They host an annual golf outing. They work very closely with the Amish population that has a large presence within the area.  

Mizmur Shrine Club Scooter Patrol
Mark D. Hamilton, President
The Mizmur Club includes those Nobles in and around Grant County. The club shares a van with Blackford and helps make trips to the hospitals with the children. They also help transport children from Wabash County. The club sponsors the Scooter Patrol. The Scooter Patrol ride Rupp mini bikes in local and Shrine parades. They have been riding for over 40 years as a unit.

Pokagon Shrine Club
John J. Tchinski Jr., Secretary
The Pokagon club is based in Angola and includes all of Steuben County. This active club hosts a golf outing each year, along with an annual picnic and other activities. They are one of the larger groups bringing children to the Shrine Circus. The club is proud of the Pokagon Princess and have been active in getting the Princess into the Shrine and other local parades. This club is also the home club of many Past Potentates.

Randolph County Shrine Club
Charles Williams, President
The Randolph Club helps bring some children to the circus.  They make the longest trip each year as they bring the children to the show.  

Wabash County Shrine Club
Lawrence E. Smith, President
The Wabash County Shrine Club is  the main force behind the GLSA Salmon Derby. Many of the active members of the Shiners hail from Wabash County. This club has been one of the strongest county clubs throughout the years and still maintains that standing.  

Whitley County Giant Fez
Jacob J. Kyler, President
The Whitley County Club is one of the most active groups within Mizpah. They have a traveling elephant ear trailer that makes the rounds at many of the local fairs in the summer. They are also sponsors of the Giant Fez. This group participates in all of the local parades and the Shrine parades.