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January 3, 2017 will bring a “New Way of Life”. We (Sherri and I) want to THANK YOU for the last five years. We had the opportunity to meet and make friends with a lot of good people from all over the United States. To our Mizpah family and friends, we cannot thank you enough for your friendships and assistance throughout the past year.

The aim for 2016 was to bring together the Shrine family to enjoy the events that were held during the year. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed planning them. We know that Hal and Jenny have planned an exciting year for all the nobility to enjoy.

The Divan had several different views and a lot of different mind sets during the past year. However, you can be assured that we all worked for Mizpah and most importantly for our kids. To the 2017 Divan, Hal Harting will be your Potentate and your Leader, let him do his job. It will work the best for the nobles and Mizpah.

My proudest accomplishment that happened was finalized in the last couple of months, with the assistance of others. The ‘Mizpah Shrine’ and the ‘Scottish Rite’ are back together under one roof, making the future brighter for both Masonic bodies. The future will be brighter and hopefully we will be able, by starting with our Blue Lodges, to bring new members in the fold.

Our year had some surprises in leadership and some employees moving on to different work environments and challenges. We wish them the best in all their endeavors. The current Shrine Recorder and office staff have truly stepped up to their challenges and are doing a super job.

For those individuals that know me well have surely observed I have a set rule that I have lived by throughout my life. Since this is my last article I thought I would share it with you; “When you leave a room full of people, make sure that they will be talking about you (good or bad). Don’t ever forget the people that you shake hands with and greet cordially are the people that made you what you are and who you are.”

Thank you again and know we will never forget our year. Thank you all for making it all possible. To Hal and Jenny, we wish you good luck in 2017.


Jerry W. Freewalt, Potentate 2016