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I want to let you know that the Divan Members and Finance Committee Members are taking cost cutting measures to the 2016 budget. Some will affect you. I will try to keep you informed as to when these changes happen.

Some changes that have been made:

1) This Allah-Bi is for August and September, a cost cutting measure. The next month Allah- Bi will be October-November.

2) Effective July 1st, the office hours have changed to 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Thursday. The office will be closed on Fridays.

3) We haven’t had a change in the Stated Meetings dinner cost for several years. Starting with the September meeting the cost of the dinner will be $7.00. Also, all meals for the Stated Meeting will be prepared in-house.

4) For those who have not been to the Temple recently, we would like to introduce our new cook, Leanne Tupper. She makes a great Wedge Salad, along with other items.

5) We recently hired a new bartender. Sarah needed a change in her working hours due to her son going to school. We wish her luck in her new venture. We want to welcome our new bartender, Lindsey Wells.

6) We now have a Mildred’s Lounge Guest Register, which is located in the Bar Room. Per State Law, all guests of the Shrine must accompany a member of the Shrine and both must sign the register.

7) The last change is to the Calendar, the Ladies Golf Outing has been moved to August 19th. We still need teams. Please call the Shrine Office for more details - 260-426-4543. We are having a parade in Wabash on August 20th and the Indianapolis GLSA parade on September 10th. These are Temple Parades.

We have a lot of upcoming events for you and your family to enjoy:

1) August 25th – Shrine Stag @ the Horse Grounds

2) August 26th – Fish Fry at the Temple starting at 6:00 pm

3) September 10th – GLSA Indianapolis, IN

4) September 17th – Sportsman’s Raffle @ the Horse Grounds

5) September 24th – Chili Cook-Off @ the Horse Grounds

6) September 26th – Fish Fry at the Temple starting at 6:00 pm

Check the Mizpah home page on the internet, so you will not miss any big event.

We have tried this year to be a little different and have new things for you and your family to enjoy. None of us like change, but change must come to have Mizpah survive and to have Mizpah better than ever.

Jerry W. Freewalt, Potentate