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January and February Stated Meetings have been attended by a lot of you (In the 80's for both meetings), we have tried to make them more interesting. Some of the new items have been the Past Potentate of the month and Shriner of the month. Also, we are giving you a look at the finances of your Temple. Your Divan voted to bring popcorn back to Mildred's Lounge. Yes, we have tried to listen to what you have to say.

The Circus Committee and the Divan want to again "Thank Everybody" for the work at the Circus. We especially want to mention the Legion of Honor Nobles and Ladies for their breakroom. The NEW Gentle Giants volunteerism is the best. I really don’t want to forget to thank the Nile Ladies for selling the Circus shirts, etc in two different locations this year. We appreciate all the Nobles and their Ladies who helped in so many ways - we could not do this without all of you! Good Job to ALL!

The Potentate trip to Cancun was very successful and enjoyed by all who come along. As the Nobles and Ladies will be talking a long time about the fun and sun. Thank you to Travel Leaders and hostess Beth Didier. We need to remember “what happened in Cancun stays in Cancun”.

March will be a full month: Beer & Chips @ the Temple 3/5/16 Director Staff Beer Tasting @ the Temple 3/18/16 Mizpah Easter Party @ the Temple 3/19/16 Whitley County Shrine Club Steak Supper @the Horse Grounds 3/26/16

April 29, 2016 at 6 pm will be first FISH FRY at the Temple, you don’t want to miss this new event. The Sportsman’s Raffle should be on our minds, I know it’s on Steve Cowan’s mind. What a wonderful Fund Raiser for our Temple. Buy tickets for good food, drinks and fellowship. Also, you might win a gun. This is also a wonderful place to try to bring in a few New Nobles. We need to make our goal of selling tickets to 996 more than last year. There will be more on the Sportsman’s Raffle in the coming months. We all have to remember the Dues, the Circus, and the Sportsman’s Raffle are our financial lifeline.

As we look into tomorrow, we have to do something on MEMBERSHIP. Your Divan can’t act alone on this subject. This problem of bringing in new members belongs to all of us. We will give you the tools to help at the March Stated Meeting. Hopefully you will use them. Your Membership Committee will help you in any way to bring in new members, it has to start with you. We believe in two of many ways to bring in New Members; 1) Start with your Blue Lodge 2) ask the men you work and talk with. Anyone can be a Shriner if he is asked.

When was the last time you were in your Temple? Come for a visit!

Have a wonderful March,

Jerry W Freewalt, Potentate