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NOBLES AND LADIES: The year was 2012 and 2016 seemed far away. Much to my amazement it is here and I want to “Thank” everyone for the honor you have given me. The plans have been made and now we’re ready to put them into action. This year will be your year, Nobles and their Ladies.

I, like everyone other Noble, have worn a Shrine hat of some kind. But this year the hat and theme will be “HATS OFF FOR THE KIDS”. Now when we wear this hat, we’ll know it is for the kids.

The January installation began our year. PP Jim Lobsiger, PP Roger Weaver, and PP Larry Chapel did a fantastic job. There were several other groups that participated in the day’s events. I would like to thank everyone for coming and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

January 9th, the meeting of Unit Heads, Drivers, and Aides. January 11th will be the meetings of the Trustees, Finance and Membership.

The most important event in January will be our CIRCUS. The dates are January 20th thru January 24th. Our Circus has a reputation for excellence and we’ll hope for no snow. Several Nobles from other areas have said “you Nobles know how to run a Circus”. The run part is all about the Nobles and Ladies who come to the Circus and perform any number of jobs the Circus Committee have given you. Please respond when asked to help this year. The run part also must include Mr. Tarzan Zebrini and his workers. Without them, there would be no Circus.

I have made a goal for this year, to keep everyone more informed this year. So look in the Allah-Bi, on the Mizpah website, thru email Blast, the phone tree, and the Square and Compass. If you are not informed what the events are this year, we have not done our job.

What a wonderful year Past Potentate Gary Soblotne and his wife Lynn had. It would be remiss of me not to congratulate them. “We are family” took on a whole new meaning and I saw a job well done.

Thank you for the support of all the Divan members, as we are committed to the welfare and well-being of Mizpah.

I hope to see you all at the Circus.

Jerry W. Freewalt Potentate