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In October we lost Past Potentate Chet Simon. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

I want to thank all who traveled over to Perrysburg for the Great Lakes Shrine Association parade and to spend some fun time together. The rain made the parade less than one would like, but we all made it through! Based on the number of Temples represented this year, I think GLSA just might have a chance of surviving. There are rumbles of an improved agenda for next year.

Traditionally, we honor and recognize our Van Drivers in October. It takes a lot of dedication from our 50+ van drivers to keep our six vans on the road. We serve approximately 500 patients by transporting them to Chicago or Cincinnati for the care they need. We had a very nice dinner on the 13th with guest speaker Debbie Harrell, Director, Professional Relations at our Cincinnati Hospital. Roger Allen was recognized for his 18+ years of service as the scheduler for Noble County.

November 7th is the date for the Fall Ceremonial, honoring Noble Bill Hartman. It’s not too late to get a worthy brother’s petition in. If you can’t make it happen for the Fall Ceremonial, then now is the time to begin work on the Spring 2016 Ceremonial. November is also the month we celebrate Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Both of those days are occasions for us to pause to give thanks for the great country we live in and the liberties we enjoy.

We often talk about the need for Shriners to be committed to our great Philanthropy and we generally do that very well. But one other thing we do very well is HAVE FUN. Remember the good times we have when we get together at club and unit meetings, the Circus, the Sportsman’s Raffle, parades, and parties? We have been urging you all year to “Come Home to Mizpah”. The turnout has been great and we have had fun together, but we need to get our new members involved and roust out some old ones. It’s not too late for that to happen this year. December will bring a long list of Club and Unit Christmas parties. It is always a fun time. Personally I enjoy getting out to as many as I can to see Nobles we don’t see otherwise. In my opinion, I see this as a great opportunity to reach out to our new and inactive members. I challenge all the clubs and units to call or send a personal invitation to every member on your rolls, active or inactive.See if you can get them to Come Home to Mizpah for Christmas!And then come again and again!

GW Soblotne, Potentate