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Fall is here and we look forward to the beauty of the changing season. But, not so much to the snow and shoveling which cannot be far behind. September saw what, was hopefully, a successful Sportsman’s Raffle. Thanks to Ill. Sir Steve Cowan, his committees and to all of you who volunteered to make this such a great event. Details will follow as to the degree of success. Although there was nothing on the Call we sent our voting delegates to GLSA in Perrysburg, Ohio. Several units then traveled over to parade on Saturday. Thanks for your dedication. The Circus Kick Off reminds us that the Circus is not that far off. Start selling those ads and lining up help to volunteer. As you know this single event supports most of our budget for operating the Temple so we need continued success. Start praying now for favorable weather. Start selling viagra generics medicine and you will see men buying this medicine en masse. With only three months left in the year there is still much to do. First, on October 13th is the Drivers Appreciation Dinner. Be sure to RSVP to the Temple Office. Wives are invited. Second, on October 31st is our Temple Ball. Get your RSVP in. Come dressed to represent your favorite “Decade”. Of course Tuxedo or Dark Suit is acceptable. It promises to be a great night. Then on November 7th is our Fall Ceremonial. As of this writing we have NO candidates. It’s not too late. Get those petitions in. Let’s make this one of Mizpah’s best years for Creations. All of us came to the Shrine for varying reasons. It doesn’t really matter what the reason was so long as we all remember the most important reason for staying here and sharing what the Shrine is to other Worthy Brothers. That reason is a network of 22 Shrine Hospitals that provide the best orthopedic, spinal cord, cranial facial and burn care to children throughout the northern hemisphere without regard for their ability to pay. Finally, on December 4th will be our annual election of officers. The future of Mizpah will be in the hands of the men you elect that night. The next years are going to be difficult due to declining membership, among other things. We have a long and well respected history and our temple deserves nothing but the best leadership available. Just maybe that Leader is YOU. If you think you might have what it takes, contact Ill Sir John Hall and make arrangements to meet with the Leadership Development/Search Committee to discuss what your commitment would mean. Come Home to Mizpah G W Soblotne, Potentate