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I doesn’t seem like it’s been two months since I last composed an Allah Bi article. But it has. So we have a lot to cover.

June brought us The Ladies Party and The Old settlers Parade in Columbia City. Unfortunately the Horse Show had to be cancelled, due to wet conditions at the horse grounds.

The Ladies Party was a great success with 70+ ladies attending. The wine and food paring came together very well and I think everyone had a good time, based on the comments I heard. I know the Divan and Aides had fun pouring wine and serving.

We participated in our second parade in Columbia City. Thanks to all the Clubs and Units who participated. Even though bad weather kept many people away we still had a window of decent weather for the parade. Plus a big thank you to Antique Power and Whitley County for hosting the Oasis at the Horse Grounds.

As I write this July events haven’t occurred, but July is always a very busy Month. First, your Divan will be in Houston (Hope the water level is down and the Temperatures aren’t too high) from the 4th of July through Thursday the 9th for the Imperial Session. I will try to place an addendum at the bottom of my letter when I return if there is any legislative action I think would interest you.

There will be two golf outings in July - Pokagon on the 16th and the Mizpah outing on the 22nd. Hope to have lots of golfers and hackers out for both of these events.

The Orland Parade on the 25th of July is a great event. The people of Orland turn out and really support this event and make it exciting for all of us. This is followed by the North Manchester Parade on August 8th. Coming up on August the 23rd will be our annual Fly-In Pancake Breakfast. Set up will be on the 22nd starting at about 9:00am. We are usually done by noon or shortly after. Then on the 23rd cooking starts about 5:00am. This event is one which gives us community exposure so bring your friends and neighbors. Your help is what has always made this a great success. Grab a friend and come out and volunteer a couple of hours or whatever you can.

Friday August 28th will be our annual Appreciation Party. This year we are trying “Shrine Night with the Tin Caps”. This is open to all Shriners and their families. Kids and Grandkids are welcome. Through this event we want to say thank you to our Nobles and their families for all they do to support Mizpah throughout the year. Helping at the Circus, Dances, Parades, the Fly- In, the Horse Show etc. Reservations need to be called into the office by August 7th. Promises to be a fun evening.

I regret to inform you that, due to financial restrictions, we will not be able to provide hotel rooms for GLSA. We simply couldn’t afford both GLSA and The Appreciation Party. I felt more Nobles and families would potentially enjoy the Appreciation Party than GLSA. In addition the Divan will go for one day only to attend the business session. This is the toughest decision I’ve had to make. I know many of you go to compete and parade at GLSA. I hope you are able to still do this. We will discuss parade arrangements at our August Stated Meeting.

As we look to the second half of 2015 we have many challenges before us. Membership remains number one. Your Divan and Membership Committee will continue to work on retention and restoration. Your challenge is to find those men, still out there, that need to be introduced to Masonry and the Shrine. Most of our Blue Lodges have been dark for the summer so recruiting always takes a hit this time of year. Now we need to double our efforts as we again become active and get out there recruit those potential Shriners for the Fall Ceremonial. We want to have an old fashioned full ceremonial that should be enjoyable for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great to bring another 36 new Shriners to Mizpah? I know you can do it.

Gary Soblotne, Potentate