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May is the time we remember all those who have served this country throughout its history. We extend our sincere thanks to all our Vets and those who are currently serving, as you continue to give so much to our communities and to Mizpah. Thank You for your service.

April was a busy month.

First: A hearty job well done to Ben Kapp, Marcus Hardiek, and their team for putting together the “Support the Transport” event. Marcus and his band donated their time for this very worthwhile fundraiser. We raised over $2,000.00 for the Transportation Fund.

Second: We conducted two screening clinics, one in Angola and one in Shipshewana. Thanks to Judy Klemm for her hard work in putting these together and handling all the paperwork.

Third: The Horse Patrol held their annual Stag. I’m certain it was the usual great success.

Fourth: We held our Spring Ceremonial in conjunction with the Grand Masters One Day Class. At the time I am writing this, we have 23 petitions and hoping for several more. This is positive growth and all in all, a very exciting time. I would like to issue a challenge to all our new Nobles. It is a long standing tradition at Mizpah and within the Shrine, in general, for all new members to bring in two new members each. One to replace themselves and one to grow the fraternity. If we can accomplish this we will be very close to my goal of 100 new Shriners in 2015 and helping to secure the future of Mizpah.

Fifth: Illustrious Sir Ron Harruff, PP, alias “Mr. Onion” has placed our order to be delivered in late April and ready for sale in early May. He will need volunteers to man the trailer for a few days to sell onions. If you have an hour or so, stop by and lend a hand.

In addition, we maintained our very busy schedule of the “normal” club and unit meetings.

If you don’t think anything is happening at Mizpah, just stop by and you might be surprised.

Spring is definitely here, finally. Parade season is upon us. Our first will be May 2nd in Shipshewana. This is their annual May Fest Celebration and a wonderful whole-town event. Even if you are not marching, bring your family to Shipshewana, enjoy the festivities and cheer on your Mizpah parade units.

Remember: “We Are Family” and it’s time for you to “Come Home to Mizpah”

GW Soblotne, Potentate