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April showers bring the flowers that bloom in May. Hopefully….. As I write this our temps are still in negative numbers or single digits!

March was indeed a busy month. We had the YOSHI Fun Night, the “Support the Transport” night, Pokagon Meet & Greet, Director’s Staff Beer Tasting, and the YOSHI Easter Party at Jungle George’s, along with our routine unit meetings etc. A big thank you to all the Nobles who make these events the success they are.

At this time we have 7 parades scheduled. These are great opportunities to tell the public what the Shrine is all about while at the same time having a great time with our fellow Nobles. May 2nd is our first parade of the year at the Shipshewana May Fest. Here’s hoping for a great turn out. The folks in Shipshewana are really excited about Mizpah being there, so I’m certain we will have a large crowd. Following that, we will have Imperial on July 4th, 3 Rivers on July 11th, Orland on July 25th, North Manchester on August 8th, Great Lakes Shrine Association on September 19th and the Decatur (Callithumpian) on October 26th.

Our next “Really Big” event is our Spring Ceremonial on April 25th following the Grand Master’s One Day Class. We are hoping for a good sized group of men to join us and become active members of Mizpah. So, get out there and sign up candidates. We can accept petitions up to and including the day of the Ceremonial.

It is my singular pleasure to announce that I have chosen Brother/Noble Larry Ashley to be the 2015 Spring Ceremonial Class Honoree. Noble Ashley is a long time Shriner, member of our Class Directors, Hillbillies, and Pokagon Shrine Club and has served as a Chief Aide, and on many committees. More importantly, I consider him a friend I can call upon for advice and have always received “good counsel”. Be sure to congratulate Larry. This recognition is greatly deserved.

Come Home to Mizpah
GW Soblotne, Potentate