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Welcome to 2015! Your Divan is looking forward to an exciting year. Even though we still have many challenges before us, membership and finances for example, it is our intent to not lose sight of our prime objective - "to have fun while helping kids".

We'll have to tighten our belts while at the same time try to provide activities both for the Nobles and for our families that will excite the membership to come to Mizpah. After all, if we are family, this should be the place to come together for fun, fellowship, and support.

First up, of course, is the 2015 Shrine Circus. Volunteer your time in any way you can. It will be fun for all. The Circus will be followed closely by our Valentine's Day Dance, a semi-formal event where you can bring your favorite girl for an evening of good food and dancing. This event is open to Nobles, their ladies, and guests.

Keep your eyes on the calendar for other activities during March and April. Once warmer weather arrives we need to get ready for parade season. A Shrine parade is always a fun time and a great PR opportunity. We hope to have at least four Temple Parades this year. We’ve already got Shipshewana (Mayfest), Three Rivers, and North Manchester on the calendar.

I can't end this letter without mentioning Membership. The Membership committee has some exciting ideas in the works. But let's all remember we are members of this most important committee. The Black Camel is devastating our membership and we are powerless to stop it. What we can do is recommit ourselves to reaching out to old members and get them involved by bringing them to a stated meeting or a club or unit meeting. All the while never lose an opportunity to reach out to our sons, grandsons, co-workers and neighbors. Introduce them to our fraternity and the fun, fellowship, and magnificent work we do through our philanthropy.

Now is the time to rededicate ourselves and Mizpah and the Shrine all we want it to be.

Remember "We are Family" - the strongest bond of all.

Gary Soblotne, Potentate 2015