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October Circus Article

Hi Nobles, I cannot believe how fast this fall is going. By the time you read this it will be the end of October. As I sit here writing this article I am remembering some of the men that mentored me and taught me not only how to be a good Shriner but to keep myself above reproach and to remember what my focus is. All of you who have touch my life young and old in this past years that I have helped with the circus I want to thank you. You have been a real blessing to Mizpah.

Now on with the circus, as always we need help everywhere. I have always been thrilled with the turn out that we have received from all of you and your wives for the things we need done .It is tremendous. I would like this year to actually post on the Shiners information page what the job are and when we do them so you can plan what and when you can work. Do not forget we have several important dates coming up. School counts and ads are 2 very important dates you need to remember. (NOVEMBER 12, 2014) is the most critical for the book ads. We are also asking you to please use the web site www.mizpahshrinecircus.com and go to staff login and type in the word Mizpah. You will get the calendar with dates and times that are important.

For those of you who have questions about pictures or anything coloring book related email Ben Kapp at bjkapp@me.com or you can usually find him at any Shrine function you go to. If you need posters or any other information Anita is at the Circus office so you can stop by 1015 Memorial Way or call her at 260-422-7122.

When you get your coupons that will be coming out in mid November please take a minute to send us a check with your coupons .You could also pay for them and give them to your county club to help send school kids to the Circus.

For those of you that will be working in the circus office this year bring in a Shrine friend. Show him the fun and fellowship we have as we work together for one goal.

Circus Director 2014
Steven R. Trump