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Great News, the Nobility has stepped up and informed the office we now have 12 new petitions. Therefore we are proceeding with arrangements to hold a Fall Ceremonial November 8th. Thank you to those Nobles who stepped up and obtained candidates. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. It takes all of us to obtain new members and retain those we already have.

On September 6th we held our Second Annual Sportsman Raffle. What a day! Our preliminary estimate of the number attending is in the neighborhood of 2300 people. This year’s event had some new games. The duck pond offering a chance to win up to an arm/body length of tickets for a chance at a rifle and the corn hole contest which allowed contestants to win tickets for a cross bow. Another special event this year was archery tag and target shooting. All three events allowed our guest the opportunity to have some fun while listening to the announcer call out the raffle winners.

The clubs and units came through with mini raffles of their own, 20 tables in all raffling everything from a cordless drill, cash, smoker, antique rifle, ”Green Egg Grill”, crossbow, Henry rifle and fishing trip to a gun safe large enough to keep your winnings in. The day was a great success and great big Thank You goes to everyone who helped put this event on. Make your plans now, 2015’s Sportsman Raffle is Saturday September 12th, 2015.

We will let everyone know how financially successful this year’s event was once we have all receipts and expenditures in and an audit is completed, no later than the November Stated Meeting.

September 15th was a landmark day for Mizpah as we finally closed on the sale of Berry Street and the old Circus Ticket Office. The liabilities of owning two buildings have come to an end. We can look forward to conducting ceremony and business in our new building without having to worry about the extra cost associated with Berry Street. For those who haven’t done the math, Mizpah has been on Berry Street for 105 years. We will miss it but can look forward to spending the next 100 years on Memorial Way.

Thank you to all who helped with the clean out and moving to our new home. Your efforts were (are) greatly appreciated by the entire Divan. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Some upcoming dates to remember; October 1st Stated Meeting, on the 11th we will be holding a screening clinic at Parkview Hospital North, Ladies Fall Market Place will be held on Saturday the 18th, with Line Dancing for everyone scheduled for November 21st. All the above events have detailed ads in this issue of the Allah Bi please look to them for times.

Remember the Fall Ceremonial is on and scheduled for November 8th and elections are Friday December 5th.

Steve Cowan, Potentate