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Wow! The last four years have gone by so fast with so many things happening. The purchase of Memorial Way property, the build out of the Circus office and finally the completion of our new Shrine home, will offer opportunities of better accessibility, brighter environment, more cost effective operation and overall better surroundings conducive to creating more enjoyment and efficient use of the facilities.

We should never forget where we have come from. Berry Street will always be a part of our history. We will always remember those Nobles who have joined the grand architect and were dedicated to Mizpah, our kids, and the community.

My divan duties have lead me far and wide, from Imperial Sessions in Toronto, Denver, Charlotte and Indianapolis. All have been great learning experiences and have provided opportunities to meet other dedicated Shriners. I have served under past Potentates Roger Weaver, Ellis Ryan, Owen Stiles and Mike Hardiek. They have been instrumental to me in understanding the internal workings of Mizpah, our hospitals, and Imperial. To you illustrious Sirs, I thank you. Furthermore, the Nobles of Mizpah have provided the motivation and support to serve Mizpah to the best of my ability. Thank you all. Finally, I also want to thank illustrious Sir Ronald Harruff, PP, and Recorder for the past 11 years of dedication and service to Mizpah. He has set the example of what it means to be a Shriner.

2014 is going to be an exciting year. Completing the move to our new home, our 68th Circus, Annual Sportsman's Raffle, GLSA, Fly-In Breakfast and Onion Sale will keep us busy. The new Lounge will be a great place for camaraderie, fellowship and good times. The new meeting rooms will allow our clubs and unit members the needed space to carry out their meetings, practices and fellowship.

The new ball room, now named “The Imperial Room” will become another source of revenue providing funds for the General Budget. A catering agreement with Goeglein’s Catering will offer new services for our membership and the public. The new sound system will allow everyone to hear with clarity no matter where they are seated.

Change is often difficult but change is inevitable. Over the next year and for the years to come we will need to change. The way we conduct daily business, gain new members, and use the facility will change. Try to embrace these changes. Not everything we try will work. It’s a process. Your input will be important, your patience appreciated and willingness to embrace change, critical. I thank you in advance for all the above.

I look forward to serving you throughout 2014. I hope our fraternity will prosper. Thank you for the trust you have put in me.

Steve Cowan, Potentate 2014