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I have tried all year long not to use my monthly message to talk about the past. I have thought the space was better suited to write about the future, but I have to pause to congratulate all the Mizpah Shriners who attended the Shrine Imperial Session in Indianapolis. Since last year I have asked all Mizpah Nobles to take advantage of the proximity of the event and enjoy all benefits that being a Shriner has to offer. On Monday July 2nd over 160 Mizpah Shriners participated in the annual Imperial Session Parade. The rain could not suppress the Mizpah message. Of the 194 Shrine Centers from around the globe, Mizpah had the greatest parade participation! I know it was not easy transporting all our floats, cars, bikes, tractors, etc. down to Indianapolis. A special thank you goes out to the Mizpah Horse Patrol. These Nobles had to endure an unpleasant situation, but represented all of Mizpah with style and determination. I do not want to miss some individual achievements by our very own Mizpah Shriners. Scott Abbs won the award for first place in grade 2, Solo Piper. Smirky, Don Laughlin, took first place in Auguste Clown One Man Skit, and second place in Auguste Clown Make Up. Our Mizpah Clowns placed fifth in Group Skit competition. I personally want to thank everyone who attended and helped show the world that the Mizpah Shrine Center is one of the best.

The Mizpah Fly In Breakfast is just around the corner and we need your help. On Sunday August 25th we will be hosting our annual breakfast to support our Hospital Transportation Fund. If you are looking for an easy way to give to our kids this is the event for you. The work actually begins with the set up at the airplane hangar at Baer Field on Saturday August 24th at 9am. We have to not only set up the cooking stations, but all the tables and chair to pull off this great event. Lunch will be served after setup is done. On Sunday we will need your help cooking starting very early in the morning and continuing until 1pm. If you show up to help you will be utilized. Find Ellis Ryan or myself and we will find you a job. We tend to run short on cooks after 11am. Do not forget after the cooking work ends we still have a lot to do. The teardown begins at 1 pm and takes two hours if we have sufficient help. As the “Official Grill Cleaner,” I can assure you we never have enough help setting up or tearing down. Hamburgers and refreshments will be served at Temple immediately after work is done Sunday for all teardown volunteers. Many hands make short work.

Please educate yourself about the 1st Annual Mizpah Sportsman Raffle. I do not want to use the three pages it would take to explain everything about the event so I ask you to checkout www.shrine-sportsman.com. The important points are the event will be held from noon until 5pm on Saturday September 7th @ the Shrine Horse grounds in Columbia City. We will need every single noble, and ladies, help starting on the Friday before and continuing until late Saturday night. There is a job for everyone. If you have ticket money outstanding please get it turned in ASAP. The September Allah-Bi will be packed with information on how you can help make this event great.

Your Humble Servant,
Mike Hardiek, Potentate 2013