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Lately I’ve been taking some good natured ribbing about the length of my Allah- Bi articles. It has been explained to me that sometimes less is more. These are the same Nobles who kid me that talking with me is a bit like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hose. Unfortunately my particular leadership style constantly borders on being a cheerleader. I believe too often leaders stand and talk about the foreboding future and mistakes of days gone by. They dwell on the past without raising their heads high enough to see the future. The truth is our future is bright. While other Shrine Centers across our great country are failing, we prosper. While others trip and fall we move forward with confidence. We are taking steps now to ensure Mizpah will be strong forever. We all should be excited and honored to be Mizpah Noble here and know. You are part of something great.

The greatest asset of Mizpah has always been the Nobility. I am always astonished as I watch Nobles get their hands dirty together. Hard work unites us. Hard work proves our commitment. As Shriners we understand that anything worth doing is worth doing well. On June 21st through June 23rd we have the chance to gather and do something well. Once again the Mizpah Shriners will host the Mizpah Charity Horse Show in Columbia City. Generations have gathered at the Mizpah Shrine Horse grounds to compete as well as entertain equestrian enthusiasts from around the country. By volunteering at this grand event you will guarantee that we can continue the long tradition of providing Northeast Indiana with a wholesome family tradition. As you know %100 of the net proceeds of go directly to the Shrine Hospitals for Children. By giving of yourself you give directly to the kids we support. No matter how much time you can give there is a job for you. Let me be perfectly clear. We need your help with this Temple fundraiser. If we all contribute a little we can achieve a lot. Do you have children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews? If you said, “YES,” there is a fantastic event coming up for you. The Yoshi Club will be once again be hosting the annual children’s fishing derby on Saturday June 22nd. The excitement will happen at Joe Simon’s Pond, 2050 South Wolf Rd. in beautiful rural Columbia City. If you have never attended this fun event, you have missed out. What kid doesn’t like to fish? Although fishing starts at 8am we will be going strong all morning. At noon prizes will be given out and lunch will be served. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided, but please bring a dish to share. This is a great opportunity for you to invite the family of and man who is interested in Masonry. We have a lot to offer. We should not be afraid to show our family and friends how they may benefit from joining us. After the fishing derby you can make the short journey to the Mizpah Horse Show Grounds to enjoy the annual Charity Horse Show. Sounds like a great day to be a Shriner.

The Imperial Session is finally here. Shriners from around the globe will gather in Indianapolis from June 30th through July 4th. All Nobles will have the chance to attend the closed sessions and watch how Shrine International works. Even in an organization as large as Shrine International, one man still equals one vote. From bylaw changes to hospital policy, it all is decided over these four days. The biggest event of the session will be the Imperial Parade on Monday July 1st. This is our chance to show the world that Mizpah does it better than anyone. I’m proud to be your Potentate and want to show off the Mizpah Nobles. Please visit www.imperial2013.com for a schedule of all events.

Your Humble Servant,
Mike Hardiek
Potentate Mizpah Shrine Center