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I love a parade!!! As many of you know I have taught marching band professionally for 25 years. My career has afforded me the opportunity to see some pretty incredible parts of our country, but even more important I have met some inspirational people. I consider it a blessing to have had competitive success coupled with the chance to teach young adults how to work hard and set goals. Now I have a goal for Mizpah. This July the largest parade in all of Shrinedom comes to Indianapolis as part of the Shrine International Imperial Session. The Mizpah nobles will descend on Indy to show the world why we are considered one of the best. I want the world to know we came in force.

From June 30th through July 4th Shriners from all over the world will come together to vote on new legislation and enjoy the social benefits of being a Shriner. If you have never had the opportunity to enjoy the largest gathering of likeminded men, now is your chance. The entire experience is inspirational as the true democratic process unfolds in front of us. Even in an organization as large as Shriners International majority vote wins. No loop holes. No exceptions. If you are looking for proof of all the good works we do, this is the place to witness it.

On the evening of Monday July 1st hundreds of parading Shrine units from around the world will show off along the streets of Indianapolis. Units will come from as far away as the Philippines, Panama, and Germany to take part. Let’s make Mizpah to the biggest and best presentation on that epic day. We pride ourselves in the diversity of our noble’s interests and talents. Our many unique parading units are proof of this. The Imperial Parade is our chance to work together to make our mark on a national level. I am asking the leaders of all clubs and units to start planning now for that single day in July. Let’s rally our troops and use this experience to solidify the bonds that make us Mizpah Shriners. In the coming months the Allah Bi will have continuing information on how every one of us can be involved. Start planning now to be a part of history.

We are moving. On April 1st, 2013, construction will begin on the interior of our new home. This has been a four year process that has finally come to fruition. This spring I will be traveling extensively throughout the entire Mizpah realm to answer your questions and bring you up to date on the progress. It is an exciting time to be a Mizpah Shriner and witness the securing of our future. As times change so do our needs. By looking forward we guarantee future Shriners stable financial footing in a place they will be proud to call home. The actions we take now will allow us to take care of our kids for generations to come. When we cut the ribbon in December we will know the hard work we have accomplished in the present will keep our legacy alive in the future.

You can find the entire calendar for the year online at www.mizpahshrine.com. I can be reached directly at mizpah2013@gmail.com.

Your Humble Servant,
Mike Hardiek, Potentate
Mizpah Shrine Center